A Common Question In Regards To The Legalization Of Marijuana And The Cannabis Compliance In Canada

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is something that took place after numerous discussions were carried out. Before anything would take effect, social experiments and cultural revolutions were carried out so that Canada could be able to determine just how well prepared they were for this kind of change that was coming to take effect. There were no rules that were announced altogether which was something that left many Canadians confused. There was also conflict from one side of the country to the other side of the country and no one seemed to have an understanding. Below are some of the common questions that come in regards to marijuana as well as the Cannabis compliance in Canada.

So, where exactly can I be able to buy cannabis in Canada?

There are those provinces whereby weed is going to be sold on a legal basis only by stores that are government monitored. If you are looking for other options, then this would mean that you will have to have a look at the private stores. In other provinces, you will find that there is going to be a mix of the two whereby you can be able to choose what exactly you need. There is no restaurant or bar that is going to be allowed to do any selling of marijuana.

According to the Cannabis compliance in Canada, Ontario which is one of the most popular provinces in Canada is going to have stores that are been run privately from the month of April 1st Until this period, cannabis was only available online by sites that were been run by the government.  Most of the shoppers who are in the British Columbia area are also going to have to buy from the government. Most of the sale is also just going to be available online in one major store that is located in Kamloops.

On the other hand, Quebec is going to have a total of 12 dispensaries that are run by the government. Government employees, as well as cannabis counselors, are going to advise buyers on a number of things. This is also going to include which help to induce euphoria and relaxation as well as the ones that bring about harmful effects to the body.

On the day that the legalization was done, only dried or fresh flowers, plants, oil, and seeds were available for purchase. According to the Cannabis compliance in Canada, the legal marijuana is going to contain a much lower level of THC which is the chemical that usually brings in the buzz when one makes use of cannabis compared to its CBD counterpart.