Common mistakes people make when cooking with Cannabis.

It is widely acceptable that error is to human, but there are mistakes that we can avoid if you choose to. These are mistake that you make out of carelessness or ignorance, blunders. This article highlights some of the common mistakes you are likely to make when cooking with cannabis. However, in as much as you might have already made such a mistake or you will make one in future, you are encouraged not to focus on you mistakes, instead, pay attention to the right and learn from the mistakes.

Cooking with raw Cannabis

Trying to use raw cannabis is one of the common mistakes especially among the new entrants. Heat is necessary to activate the THC and the CBD through the process called Decarboxylation It might sound complicated but it is a necessary process because it greatly determines the quality of your end product.

Grinding your cannabis toon fine

Some chefs would recommend that you grind your cannabis using a food processor or a coffee grinder, but this is as disputed by some. You are advised to use a coarse grinder since you are looking for the consistency of the coarse salt. Crushing the bud completely gives it a grassy flavor that you may not enjoy and it can as well make your butter or oil to turn a dark shade of green.

Spending much money on your cooking bud

You do not need to use a lot of cannabis to achieve the best results. You can also extract some valuable cannabinoids from shake, stems, leaves and trim. Shake is the remains at the bottom of your bag and it contains a mixture of several kinds of cannabis.

Forgetting to add water to your butter or oil

Adding water to your oil is an appealing trick since your oil won’t burn and your cannabinoids won’t degrade too. There might be no exact measures of amount of water to use but you can use as much water as the oil.

Squeezing out every drop of the infusion according to an  online dispensary called TGA

It is always recommended that you slowly and carefully strain the cannabutter after using it. Cheesecloth is the most recommended for use because it only lets the oil through.

Failure to test the potency of your infusion before cooking

In order to help you determine how strong your product is, it’s advisable that you taste the octane especially when you are trying out a new recipe.

Failing to stir and distribute

Stir your mixture vigorously to allow even distribution of oil, this will also help in achieving uniform effect to the users.

Improper incorporation of concentrates

Always remember that cannabis concentrates are stronger than regular bud, so you need just a little amount to achieve the same potency.

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