You may have heard of CBD oil, commonly used as a treatment for you. Nowadays, oil can be given to pests as well. Now many questions arise when the notion of using CBD oil for pets on dogs, like how does my Dog benefit from this oil? To answer your question, continue reading; you will get all the necessary answers.

So first, what is CBD? Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an oil extracted from the buds and flowers of hemp or marijuana. You may be asking yourself if this oil comes from marijuana can my Dog get ‘high’ from consuming this? That is not the case in this situation because CBD oil does not contain a chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is associated with the ‘high’ effect.

For a marijuana plant, the amount of THC is estimated to be 30%, while for the hemp plant, it is only 0.3%. This factor then takes us to the differences between hemp oil and marijuana CBD oil.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is made from the seeds of cannabis, and Cannabis seeds have a very minute amount of THC in them. Hemp oil is recommended by many veterinarians to be given to pets since it is nutritious and rich in minerals.


CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers, or stems of the cannabis plant. Those parts of the plants have a significant amount of THC in them, making them CBD oil to exercise their therapeutic functions.

Is it Okay to give my Dog CBD?

Recently many vets have recommended CBD oils for pets to many pet owners. But some dog owners have had doubts about giving their dogs CBD oil. After reading this, you can decide if it’s either safe or unsafe for your Dog – a report established that healthy dogs handle CBD well with minor side effects like mild diarrhea.

You can always check thoughts and reviews from other pet users on how CBD oil has benefited their dogs. So far, from reports established by scientists and dog owners, it has been found that there are no significant side effects from giving your Dog CBD. Click Here For CBD oil for Dogs

What are the benefits of giving my Dog CBD?

CBD oil for pets has some significant benefits and positive effects on the Dog. They include;

  •  Relieve them of stress and anxiety
  •  Ease pain from arthritis and pain in the joints
  •  Solve digestion problems
  • Relieve the Dog of nausea
  •  Ease symptoms of cancer if your Dog is affected.


Now that you know the various benefits CBD oil may have to your Dog and some of the basic information about the same, you can decide if it is suitable for your Dog.