Understanding What The Top Strains Of Sativa Cannabis Are

The top strains of Sativa cannabis are commonly known for the energizing effects that it is able to give its users. It is also able to deliver the ‘high’ feeling while at the same time ensuring that it is able to promote activity, creativity as well as sociability. Most growers tend to favor these effects which are why it has been found to be the most popular weed strain that many people tend to make use of when they are in a social gathering. For those who are making use of the top strains of Sativa cannabis for medical purposes or conditions that they may be suffering from, they tend to work wonders mainly because of the fact that they have a higher level of THC compared to CBD.

So what are the top strains of Sativa cannabis?

Before you get to know the top, it is important for you to understand what these strains are as well as how they work. The top strains of Sativa cannabis are slight variations of the weed plant which goes by the name Cannabis Sativa weed dispensary When you look into the traditional cannabis strains that are available, you will find that they are of three main types which include sativa, indica, and hybrid. They can also be found in natural form in many countries out there like Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia and Thailand.

The top strains of sativa cannabis just like other strains that you may find are usually developed and then genetically bred over the years so that they can be able to promote the specific characteristics that come with the plant in question. Indica is commonly known for the fact that it is able to give a sedative high and side effects that are couch-locking. Sativa on the other hand is able to promote high levels of energy, increase creativity and focus as well as increase the feeling of self-worth for the user. If you end up getting a mix of both Indica and Sativa, then you should be able to provide the best feeling in the world.

There are so many benefits that tend to come with the top strains of Sativa cannabis and in most cases; it is usually categorized or rather associated with the treatment of mental health conditions like depression. Wondering how it is able to do this? Well, the whole idea is that it is able to create an uplifting and energetic effect on the user of the product. Also, the strain is also known since historical times to be able to boost one’s appetite on top of the fact that it is able to bring out the cerebral and spacey high feeling.