It is unimportant how long you have been around the cannabis community, but you have inevitably heard of the “BC Bud.” BC is known for its exciting, inventive, and outstanding cannabis strains that take the market by storm. This is why BC Bud is the best Cannabis today.

At the onset of the legalization laws, the quantities of the weed making its way into the market rose sharply with time. However, as good growers have their day in the market, mediocre ones also enter. 

The Marijuana Seeds

Quality seeds form the basis of quality BC bud. It is understood that no unique tree comes from planting shit seeds. The long lineage behind parental genetics set a fantastic bar for producing suitable BC bud varieties. Probably, this is why BC Bud is the best Cannabis.

Strains of BC Bud Available

BC Bud comes in wide varieties. Some of them include:

  1. The Gorilla Glue #4 (GG #4) – this strain is considered the all-time favourite for some individuals. You may wonder why BC Bud is the best Cannabis, but this strain may be a “cocktail.” It gives a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa, having a good taste complimented with a pungent odour. 
  2. The Wedding cake – the strain produces that calm feeling and stimulates one’s appetite.    
  3. The Durban Poison – this gives ‘energy’ and often clears your head to ensure you get a lot done. 

There are other strains like Green Crack and Blue dream, which also help in relieving pain.  

Uses of the Strains

Every person buys marijuana based on individual needs. Generally, the significant reasons Tale of two Strains Online Dispensary why BC Bud is the best Cannabis include:

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Relieve pain
  3. Boost energy to get work done
  4. Get sleep
  5. Reduce mental anguish

Thus, ensure you spend your money buying the highest quality weed from known businesses with stellar reputations and ratings (if online). By all means, buy from trusted sources that deal in quality Sativa.


BC remains steadfast in the growth and breeding of various cannabis strains. The varieties are majorly used to satisfy every individual need. The market holds different types of sellers, and thus, be careful where you purchase your marijuana. The reason why BC bud is the best Cannabis is that it offers potent and very effective strains. 

The recognition of BC Bud comes because of the story about cannabis strains, and the quality, not quantity, makes it stand out.