Cannabis is another name for marijuana and it is obtained from the marijuana plant. Researches done have found that rather than the negative effects effected by cannabis there are some positive effects. These effects include elimination of depression, it is capable of alleviating some chronic problems, important in weight loss, aids one to sleep, increase the lung capacity, helps to fight cancer, reduces instances of anxiety and increases mental activity and reduces joint pains that are as a result of arthritis. In this article, we are to talk about how the cannabis can help one to sleep weed smart 

There are however different strains of cannabis whose effects are therefore different. In the purpose of cannabis to aid in sleeping the cannabis responsible should have high content of THC, one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis strains. The high levels of THC helps to reduce the nightmares experienced when one sleeps, these include other dreams dreamt per night. This is helped by a content called REM that is induced by the THC to reduce nightmares experienced. In the health sector it is discovered that the less you dream the more you sleep peacefully. It is recommended however to be taken under prescribed dosage as abuse of it might cause brain damage which might impair sleeping quality. By using cannabis with high levels of THC is a way to effectively impair your sleep. 

Way to properly take cannabis for good sleep 

Cannabis can be taken in different forms including smoking, using devices such as vaping devices and rich THC tinctures which tend to drop the cannabis content on the tongue. Smoking is however the common way that people ingest cannabis. If you want to be aided to sleep by the marijuana, you should do it during work-free days since they are responsible for hangovers which might result to poor working. There are no ideal dosage to ingest for one to sleep deep, thereby it is okay for one to take the one that is fine to make you feel well. For the first time takers, they are needed to take only few amounts of puffs as it will be better if you choose to wake up for another dose than overdosing.  

Also do not redoes when the waking hours are nearing as that would also cause grogginess during the day. You should ingest the marijuana until a point is reached when you feel ‘high’ sensation as that is when the marijuana is said to be effective.  

When is the right time to take marijuana for sleep 

Time of dosage of cannabis for sleep would be different for different individuals. This is due to the fact that every being has a different body functionality from the other which therefore results to difference in the way the cannabis content is processed in the body. The suitable time in general is one hour before going to bed. That gives an ample time for sleep to prevent hangovers in the morning. 


Cannabis is a registered effective way that is confirmed by the health sector to induce sleep. However, it is not allowed to overdose as it might cause mental problems.